Ilse and SLOS

Our precious daughter Ilse Joy was diagnosed with Smith-Lemli-Opitz Syndrome shortly after she was born in May of 2011.  We are thankful for her and we eagerly anticipate experiencing the road we will walk down with her.  We know God has plans for sweet Ilse, and our constant prayer for her is that she will glorify Him.

SLOS, for the layman, means the body does not make enough cholesterol for normal growth and development.

Ilse has gone from being a complete and total blob baby to a rollin', scootin', laughin' little girl.  She is pretty big for the syndrome since she is on the regular growth chart.  She sat independently on her second birthday.  She is working on walking.

She is a strong, happy Ilse and we could not imagine life without her.

I chronicle Ilse's journey on Facebook @JoyintheSLOSJourney

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  1. Ilse is such a blessing to me and her and our Boys are the second most wonderful gift I have ever received. "What is number one gift you might ask"? Why my lovely bride of course! I love you Emily!!! :)


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