Adoption and Our Boys

Adoption Party!

Tim and I adopted our wonderful boys, Joseph and Christopher.  They are precious blessings given to us from our loving Heavenly Father. 

The boys were placed with us when they were both three, and after months of drama..... their behaviors were, well, dramatic..... they have blossomed into wonderful and sweet boys, but we still deal with some difficult behaviors.

Joseph used to be Joseph Anthony, and we renamed him Joseph Enoch because we wanted him to remember to walk with the Lord all the days of his life.

Christopher used to be Christopher Thomas, and really, that was just too many common Minich names in a row, so we renamed him Christopher Timothy because he reminds us so much of Tim... even though that is still the same amount of common Minich names.  Tim's and Christopher's personalities are so similar, right down to the stubborn streak and type of bushy hair.

We believe adoption is a ministry every believer should be involved in.  If you can't adopt a child yourself, then financially support those who are serving the Lord in that way by giving to the adoption fund at your church if there is one.

And by all means, pray pray pray.

We cannot recommend enough:

Adopted for Life
by Russell D. Moore

Here it is on Amazon.

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