Sunday, March 19, 2017

Lots on my mind

I have so many things on my mind today. And today is not different than other days, I guess.

I've noticed Ilse flapping her arms. She does it so much more frequently than she used to. I used to think she was making her bracelet jingle, but I think now I was wrong.

Also, today in church I thinks she MIGHT have had a few seizures. Her head jerked a few times and her eyes weren't straight. She did it at least three times. I'm not going to pursue it unless she does it again. Someone once said that if a child with SLOS doesn't have seizures now, she will. So I've always felt it was just a matter of time.

I started Ilse on her Robinul today but I don't feel like it stopped her drool. It did lessen her pee though, so there's that. Maybe it will work better tomorrow.

I had to fill out the Vineland-3 regarding Joey. It's an assessment of adaptive behaviors, basically how he handles things and what he can do. So much he can do but so so much he can't, and I don't really feel like it's an accurate picture of him.

I can't remember to take my blood pressure medicine and so my headaches are back. I guess I need to call the dr about that, and ask her if it's ok to take it at night like my other meds, because clearly I can't do mornings.

The front of our car is dragging on the ground.

Ilse was up 98% of the night last night. Maybe I should have taken her iPad away, but I didn't want to deal with the screaming, so I just let her watch stuff and I slept. Some. She watched something with Julie Andrews, I know that much.

Tim lost 6 pounds after swimming two consecutive days. Obnoxious and amazing.

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