Sunday, October 2, 2016

Rest in Jesus

The Lord spoke to me in church this morning and reminded me of something important. He reminded me that rest is in Him. Now I know that, but I have been thinking of it all wrong.

I've been so exhausted with my difficult life, and I've been completely burned out. I've been looking for rest, and I've known for a long time I needed to make rest a priority. I don't mean body rest, but mind rest.

If I possibly can, after I do my morning driving, I come home and go to sleep so that my mind can rest. Then I wake up and do my afternoon driving and spend the afternoon and evening with my family. I don't like doing that because I'm not sleepy, I'm just needing rest.

What other ways are there to find rest? I really don't know and I've been at a loss to do anything but sleep.

Then in church Jesus reminded me that rest is in him. I haven't been asking him for help and a peaceful mind like I should have. There's no denying my life is hard but I'm hoping that with asking Jesus for rest, that I will feel rejuvenated.

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