Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Updated Outlook

I slept in today.... till 11. When I woke up my outlook was so much better. It's amazing how changing the time you wake up in the morning can change so many things. I guess I'm just not made to wake up at 6am.

Unfortunately, though, I usually have to. Today, though, all the kids are home and we are doing a few things. Chris and I worked on laundry and we're in the middle of dishes, and then for lunch we're having the amazing chili I made last night, with fritos, of course.

Poor Joe is absolutely miserable. He doesn't have a fever but his whole body hurts. He said it hurts to walk and he just looks and sounds miserable. He's constipated all the time (part of being born with drugs in his system, maybe?) and sometimes it just boils over and we have to do the major miralax treatment. We're watching him, because this leg pain kind of coincided with starting his Seroquel again, as did this weird hand shaking tic. My poor son, he's had the deck stacked against him from the very beginning, and it hurts.

Ilse hasn't barfed again but her temp is right at 100. All she wants to do is have Violet thrown. I will be happy when this stage is over because my goodness, poor Violet! Lol!

Tonight we're turning leftover chili into sloppy Joes and then I'll have made dinner three days in a row.

I took my laundry out to wash it and discovered that some evil cat had peed in it, at least twice. Next time Gloria does that she's getting smacked on her butt. This is just too gross.

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