Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Blood Pressure

I think if I took my blood pressure right now it would be 300 over 200


I discovered some of Chris's homework that he brought home to correct. I knew about some of it but there was a huge pile (and not a neat pile, mind you) in his room amidst the toys. He got a 15 on one paper. It's all from laziness.

Ilse had a gigantic poopy diaper and it got everywhere.

Joey is out of his medicine so he's anxious, paranoid, and depressed.

I just filled out the Vineland-II for Ilse's eval for kindergarten, which is taking place tomorrow a.m., and let's just say, it was depressing and it sucked. On top of everything else she can't do, I had to admit that she doesn't chew with her mouth shut. Ponder the idiocy of that for a minute.

I think I will not check my blood pressure but will instead listen to the sounds of the wind chimes, think about how Jesus loves me, and plan to go to bed and shut out the world as soon as I can.

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  1. My five-year-old is neurotypical, but I have to admit that she doesn't usually chew with her mouth shut. I hope that helps.

    And my seven-year-old also got a 15 on a paper from laziness... and I HOMESCHOOL!


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