Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Life Update

This week I got fed up with Ilse's screaming and decided (again) I have to teach her to communicate.

This week we decided to homeschool Joey next year because he's not doing well emotionally (still).

This week Chris has been reading his "I Survived" books every spare minute he has.

This week Tim turned in his resignation letter for his current job.

This week I recovered from a horrible bladder infection.

This week Ilse learned to say "Uh oh!"

This week my Facebook friend's husband died.

Last week Christopher's teacher's baby was stillborn.

This week is Easter. It's the day we Christians celebrate Jesus triumphing over death. It's the day we sing my favorite songs in the Hymnal. It's the day we remember Jesus LIVES.

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  1. Emily ~

    I don't freely admit when I am struggling as much as I am at this very moment. As you may / may not remember, I had open back surgery in Oct. 2014 and it took approx. 9 months to recover from that. I have also always been struggling with my mental disabilities as well as my epilepsy. I also was hospitalized the entire month of June 2015 due to a suicide attempt (that sounds very bad, but I was in a VERY bad place). During that time, I had to relearn to walk, talk and have basic conversation again. I am still suffering from those demons.My eating disorder is in full force and I never know if one day I will be able to eat a regular meal with my family. Or if in the hours after our meal, I will be hugging the toilet purging said meal.

    With all that said... I have a husband who loves me and has not yet left me and my crazy state of affairs... and I have two children who are relatively healthy and are in no danger of losing their life. I also have a 2 year old little boy who is waiting to be sent to me. Dear Lord, it just scares me to have him enter this situation.

    Then there's you... you have all the issues listed above yet you still have the where with all to stay as wonderful and positive as you are. I draw strength from ones like you.

    I appreciate everything you do and your for your inspiration to help me remember to trust my life to the Lord and allow Him to handle all things.


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