Monday, February 8, 2016

Memorizing and Life

Lately I decided that I'm not a very nice person, so I've been working on memorizing some of the Sermon on the Mount so that the Lord will sanctify me some.

I've only got the first five verses done so far. Thankfully I haven't lost my ability to memorize. Back when I was a kid/teenager I used to memorize whole books of the bible. I've lost most of them, but I can still just look at a passage for a bit and have it memorized. Then I go throughout my day and repeat it every once in a while.

Life... well, my first inclination was to write that life sucks right now but that wouldn't be true, for 98% of life. There's always that 2% that really does suck. The sucky part is that I'm sick, Chris is sick, and Ilse has had a pretty high temp lately. Tomorrow morning she has to get some blood drawn (STAT as the pedi wrote on the form) because the pedi couldn't find anything wrong today. She threw the words 'Kawasaki Disease' out there which scared me mightily, although it's curable if caught in time.

The rest of life is good. Tim is doing better at work and the boys haven't shocked me with their behavior lately. And Ilse is getting bigger and stronger.

I have some trips planned. I'm going to San Antonio on Spring Break with my dear friend Sarah, and my sister and I are going to New York in July. This is the first time since Ilse was born that I will have taken a trip away from her and although it will be hard, I'm looking forward to the relaxation.

Till next time.  :)

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