Wednesday, January 6, 2016


It's politically correct to say there are no limits in life. Ministries are named after that concept, parents and schools tell kids 'you can be anything you want to be!' and disabled people are told that they can overcome and succeed beyond their highest expectation.

I don't wish to sound bitter or be a wet blanket, but it's just not true.

We all have limits. Speed limits, limits of the law, limits of conscience, limits of body and limits of mind.

People always want the one with disabilities to overcome. The world is filled with stories of those who have and we call them 'inspirational!' My own husband was declared brain dead twice as a baby, has had numerous surgeries, learned to walk four times, graduated college, and has become a teacher. He's called an overcomer and he has overcome so much, and yes, he's inspirational. And both he and the world expect him to have NO LIMITS.

But he does. He has only been able to overcome so much. He did finish college but was burned out before he got his teaching certification that way. He is not brain dead but he can't drive. He has a job but he works longer and harder than anyone else just to keep it. He has many thoughts that are complicated and well thought out, but he struggles to get them out of his mouth. He has limits.

My son Joe was born in less than ideal circumstances. He was neglected his first years of life. Daily he battles depression, anxiety, and he's woefully behind in school. He tries hard but he has limits.

My daughter Ilse is a four year old miracle child. We never expected her to be conceived and then we never expected her to have a syndrome. Then we hoped and prayed she would walk and talk and eat, but she doesn't yet. She has limits.

I'm an anxious and depressed mom and wife. I want to have a clean home and eat at home everyday, never spend extra money, be out of debt and remember to get the car tires rotated. But I have limits.

I don't think I'd personally go so far as to celebrate our limits because, frankly, they're pretty depressing. When I think of everything Tim can't do I get more depressed and worn out. When I focus on Joey's limits, I get frustrated. When I think of what Ilse can't do, I look out at my life stretching before me and I think there's no end.

Seemingly there's no limit to suffering.

But someday. Someday our limits will be overcome in Christ. Our suffering will end because of Christ. I hang on to that and I remember that eternal life is the true overcoming of limits. Someday Tim will not have trouble thinking. Someday Joey will not rock. Someday Ilse will walk and talk and eat. Someday I will not be anxious. Some day those of use who have been saved will truly live without the limits that sin has put on us and our world.

That is inspirational.

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  1. This Vern, is the best post ever. This kind of post is what The Mighty should publish. Because it offers REAL inspiration and REAL comfort to people. Loves.


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