Thursday, January 7, 2016

Another Ilse Post

For the longest time I've been able to let Ilse play in her room because it was safe enough for her. Then she learned to keep one hand on the dresser and reach another hand to the doorknob, but there was no way she could open the door. Then she learned to put both hands on the door knob and wiggle it back and forth, so that now she could accidentally open it and take a header one direction or another. So now I have to lock the bottom part of her dutch door from the outside so that doesn't happen. All that changed in about the space of a week (last week).

Then she learned how to hold on to the ledge on the top of her bottom door and systematically move her hands so they don't get smashed as she swings the top door back and forth, whacking it against the wall. That was a few nights ago.

Then this morning I went into her room and saw worse destruction than she has managed before, because for the first time she has learned to stand up at her shelf of boxes, as we call the little target shelf that is three by three and holds those fabric bins. She stood up there and started pulling things off the top. Thankfully she only managed to pull off the trashcan... thankfully she didn't eat/choke on the trash bag. Had she had more time she could have pulled the cd player off and her fan with the glass base, which is heavy enough to hurt her if it fell on her.

Apparently it's time to upgrade the security in her room. I'm determined to upgrade as long as I can so she can have a pretty room that is safe, until the [likely] inevitable time comes that all she can have in there is a mattress. I'd like to avoid that, but others haven't had much luck so I don't see how my child is going to be much different. I don't think she's a mountain scaler or barrier breaker. I think she's fairly ordinary for a SLOS kiddie, so yes, she'll probably be too destructive and eventually I'll even have to remove her ceiling fan lest she swing on it.

In the meantime, I've chosen a piece from Ikea that is taller so I will have a safe place to put her cd player and fan, and I can have some drawers up high to put her medicines in so a drawer in the dresser will be freed up. And I'm betting if I ask really *really* nicely my dad might secure the unit to the wall so it doesn't fall on Ilse and kill her. I had a dresser fall on me once when I was little. Obviously I was not injured but Ilse is not as hardy as I was.  :)

I'm planning on going tomorrow to Ikea and buying this 'security upgrade'. But for tonight, Joey and I are working in Ilse's room to make it safer. I don't believe there's a snowball's chance in hell that she will sleep tonight.

In other news, our nurse quit and it made today extremely inconvenient, since I had to go get the rental car in an uber and Ilse's car seat was malfunctioning. Of course her car seat fixed itself just in the knick of time for me to bring her home safely. I'm glad I got her home yesterday in the Uber and then to the car rental place today without being in a wreck while she was not well secured.

God is good to us.

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