Thursday, December 10, 2015


Ilse has been difficult lately, and I know it's because she's had a persistent ear infection. It's been awful for her and for me. It led me to think my daughter was a burden. Well, now that her ear infection is being treated in a way that will, God willing, actually heal it, I'm looking forward to having my sweet and happy daughter back. Ilse always talks so sweetly as she bunny hops around the house, and as we go driving we chat back and forth. "Do do do!" seems to be Ilse's favorite thing to say when she's happy.

The Lord did give me such a sweet blessing in my happy daughter and memories of her sweetness sustain me when she is being Mona.

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  1. All children are a burden at various times in their lives. Please don't beat yourself up for feeling that way because your daughter has a disability. It is an honest reaction to be overwhelmed and frustrated. You are doing a great job!


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