Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Ilse bowls!

Plano Super Bowl gave me a gift today. My family decided to go bowling, but I didn't think that Ilse would not want to touch the ball and so she was just sitting there, watching us. She was having a good time cheering for her boys and her daddy.

I just didn't think she'd want to participate. Yesterday when we went to the zoo she recoiled every time I took her up to an exhibit. She'd lean as far back as she could and turn away. 

But the bowling employees, and Tim, because he is the first one who suggested she might like it, thought differently. One of the employees came up to us and said, "She looks like she's having fun; I bet she'd like to bowl" and told us he had set her up on a lane, and he brought over one of the bowling ramps for her. He put her name up as a smiley face.  :) 

I was touched. And I was saddened when I realized that Ilse loved it!  Why didn't I even think to let her try? We could have missed out on such a happy experience, and Ilse wouldn't have gotten to experience bowling today. Thanks to that employee, she did.

I need to stop thinking of Ilse as my little baby and start thinking of her as a girl who would want to have experiences like other children do. Furthermore, she deserves to experience things. We'll never know for sure if she likes something unless we try it. So from now on, Ilse will get to try.

I loved watching her enjoy this! I'm so thankful we got to enjoy this as a family, and every single one of us got to participate.


  1. Oh Vern, those were precious videos! I love the one where she claps for herself. (Made me cry!) Thanks for sharing those.

  2. Oh that is just wonderful! She truly was clapping for herself!!!!


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