Thursday, August 13, 2015


Tomorrow my Chris is getting his tonsils out and new ear tubes put in, and a sinus endoscopy, why the endoscopy I don't know.  He is nervous and I am nervous.  He's nervous because he's a child, and I am nervous because I am not a child, and I know that I'm going to have to be the one to deal with getting him calmed down when he wakes up.  When he got his adenoids out he was combative upon waking up; the anesthesiologist thinks it was because of the Versed.  So tomorrow we are doing no Versed, which means he will be awake and sober as he goes back to the OR sans his mom.  I'm hoping he will keep it together.  Chris has great self control, but he is still only 8 and he can be pretty agitated when he is afraid.

I'm hoping they let us stay long enough after he wakes up for me to feel safe driving home with him. After Joey's endoscopy we left so fast that I almost had to pull over on the way home to let Joey wake up more since he was all over the place in his seat.  This is a different locale, so hopefully we'll have better luck.  There's that fine line between leaving too early and being forced to stay in recovery way too long.  Hopefully we can walk that line perfectly tomorrow.  The last thing I'd like to do is hang around for an hour or more in recovery when both Chris and I would rather recover at home.

And I'm doing tomorrow without Starbucks.  It's been a month probably since I broke my Starbucks habit.  God broke it really, of course, but I'm still giving myself a big pat on the back because I know what a major accomplishment it was.  :)

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