Friday, August 7, 2015

Another Thought on Ilse's Voice

I read a thought provoking article the other day regarding AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication).  Here it is, if you are interested.  I think you should be interested if you know me, because if you are fully informed you can help us with Ilse's communication.

I said in my previous post that Ilse didn't seem to be very interested in communicating.

But what if I'm wrong?

What if Ilse is frustrated because she can't tell me things?  What if she wants to say 'I love you' to her brothers?

That is not a risk I'm willing to take.

So I'm going to make another push with Ilse's talker.  I'm going to buy her a new iPad so that we won't have to wrestle with the sound not working, and we're going to start modeling speech, all the time.  I want to see her reach for that 'more' button and then add on to it.  Tonight she was saying 'mo mo' over and over in the car, but I don't know what she wanted more of.  If she could/would use her talker, then I would be able to give her what she is asking for.

As I model I'm going to make her touch the buttons so she will learn where they are.

I need to hear 'I love you, Mom.'

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