Monday, July 27, 2015

Simplify Simplify!

I read an article the other day about how successful people wear the same clothes every day.  While I'm not interested in having a 'uniform', I am interested in simplifying our laundry situation during the school year.  For two years now I have bought the boys a pair of clothes for each school day and one extra pair in case of an accident.  Every day when the boys come home, they put their clothes in the dirty clothes, shower, and put on clean clothes, which they then wear the next day to school.  All this is to protect Ilse from germs, in particular RSV.  We've been successful thus far: she's never had RSV.  In fact this past year she's been sick one time with a cold.  Only once.  That's pretty awesome!

But I can't do it anymore.  There's too much laundry.  I see it in my dreams.

So the other day I went to Old Navy and bought the boys five shirts each (and they match!), two matching pairs of shorts, and four different colored pairs of jeans.  I don't know why I got different colored jeans, I think I had a brain fart, but it's too late to change it now.

We came home and I wrote M for Monday on the orange shirts, T for Tuesday on the light blue, etc., etc., etc..  For the shorts (for august thru october ish) I wrote M/T/W on the grey pair and TR/F on the khaki pair.  The jeans also got M/T/W and TR/F on them.

I'm hoping that with designated clothes to wear on specific days, my boys will always look decent and that we will have much MUCH less laundry.

I'll let you know how it goes.

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