Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Simplicity during the school year

Yes, I'm all about simplicity these days.  Simplicity in clothes, simplicity in life.

This year we decided to stop the boys' therapy for the school year.  It will be really nice to be able to come home from school in a leisurely fashion (read: Sonic Happy Hour) and the boys can get right to their showers, homework, and playing.

Ilse will have her therapy in the mornings.  I'm betting, since she has six therapies a week, that we will be busy for four mornings to get it all done.

I'm not sure what our nursing situation will be.  To be honest, since our wonderful nurse Angie took another job, I just don't have the heart to look for another nurse or open up our home to another one, for quite a while.  I'm going to see how I do with sleep and mentally/emotionally before I think about using all our hours again.

Thankfully we have some good financial things going on.  I've finally conquered (thank you, Lord!) my Starbucks addiction/need/desire.  Switching it out 1:1 for Sonic was the key.  Thanks for the idea, George!  Now I'm going to Sonic even less than 1:1, but have the freedom to go as many times as I need to or want to is pretty awesome.  Not going to Starbucks is saving us a pretty penny, let me tell you.  I pretty much made my mom speechless the other day when I told her how much we would save.  There are some other places we need to put that money, like giving to the church.

Now that we have also mostly conquered our complete exhaustion that made staying home on Sundays so easy, we've been so enjoying being at the Lord's Table and being with our church family again.

And we've also finished paying off Tim's alternative certification program, which will raise his income $380 a month, which will in turn pay for his Uber cars, if we choose to go that route with his transportation this school year.  Even if I drive him sometimes, at least we know that we can afford Uber and that is a big blessing from the Lord.

In the next few years we're looking forward to living on the same plot of land with Marc and Ivy and their kidlets.  We've been dreaming of it for years and hopefully we'll be able to buy the land and build before to much more time passes.  I'm looking forward to living next to my best friend and letting our kids grow up together.

And that is my brain in a nutshell today.  :)

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  1. YAY!!!!!! Oh vern that is fantastic! You are the best. :)


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