Friday, June 20, 2014

Domesticated Part 2

I made one New Year's Resolution this year.  Only one.  I told myself that at the end of the year my feet would not look horrid.

Since January, I've waffled back and forth on that resolution.  98% of me didn't care what my feet looked like.  I have so many other things to take care of.  My feet are number 962,344,321 on the list.

But then I read about sugar scrub and, since I'm being domestic, I decided to make my own.  Before I did, I scraped my feet down so that the massive callouses would be gone.  Then, after I vacuumed the massive pile of dead skin, I washed my hands and made my scrub.  I used brown sugar and pomegranate infused olive oil.

It was LUXURIOUS.  Rubbing that stuff on my feet made me so happy.  My feet were so nice and soft after I got out of the shower.

So, at risk of being risque, I have to say, soft feet are SEXY.  They feel so nice.  I can give up the ease of scratching my leg with a calloused foot when I can't bend down to scratch it myself because I'm holding Ilse or driving.  Yep.  Sugar scrub.  I'm a fan.

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