Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Long Time

I know it's been a really long time since I've posted anything on this blog.  I've been so busy with many other things.

I've really been trying to get Hope's Seed off the ground.  There are so many people hurting with the issues their special needs kids have, and I want to be able to keep up with everyone.  It's hard, though, and it's time consuming.  It's so worth it, but it also breaks my heart.  So many people need help.  Look around, see who you can help.

There is so much death.  So much pain.  I'm thankful God is merciful.

Tim is working hard on filling out applications for districts he previously hadn't considered working in.  I'm proud of him.  The boys are doing so well.  I'm proud of them both; they've grown and matured so much this school year.  Sending them was a choice I totally don't regret.

Ilse is taking steps while we hold her around her torso.  She is 30 pounds and 38 inches, and she is a sassy lovely Joy.  She still withholds her kisses and laughs about it.

I've been trying not to go to Starbucks very often.  It's a good endeavor, but it doesn't work out all the time.  Some days it's just necessary.  Yesterday I was more tired than I've been in a long time, and I was afraid to drive.  And then this morning we heard that one of Tim's childhood friends died in a car crash last night.  I don't know why God spares some and not others, other than that it's his plan, and his plan is good even though to our human perspective it seems awfully unfair.

Keep my family in prayer, please.  We recently thought that Ilse's immune system had begun functioning properly, but it was a miscommunication and she is still immunodeficient.  I had been considering how our lives would change, and then, strangely enough, I was grateful when we heard that she is still immunodeficient because that would be such a huge change and I'm not sure how to navigate another new normal.  I'm sad for her though.  I wanted it to be better for her.


  1. Hi from Mexico! I also need a cup of coffee to start my day, it's actually the first thing I do every morning. Starbucks is so expensive here, it costs more than a regular meal. So we have a coffee machine at home. Is it something that maybe you could do?
    All the best for your family.

    1. Hi Vele, I do have a keurig. ... I just don't always use it. :/


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