Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Some Thoughts on the Gospel

It's not enough to know that God exists
It's not enough to pray
It's not enough to think He's there
It's not enough to act like God knows who you are as you sit in church every Sunday
It's not enough to 'love Jesus'

You have to know the story of the Cross
How Jesus died and rose again for YOU
You have to know you sin
You have to ask God in faith to wash your sins away
Loving Jesus comes through knowing what He did for you
How can you not love the one who gave his life for you so you could live abundantly?

You will change
Your life will look different
Others will notice
You'll hate sin
You'll love people
You'll want justice
You'll want to reach out to others who need peace, mercy, grace, God

God will shine his grace through you to reach others
The love you have for Jesus will show in love for others, because if you do not love your brother who you can see, you cannot love Jesus whom you have not seen.

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