Friday, August 9, 2013

Life today

Ilse has been pretty lethargic today, and I blame the heat.  Her face is all red and she is just a bump on a log unless she is under a fan, but of course she doesn't stay under a fan.  We ran out twice today and she was in the air conditioned car the whole time, and it was still too hot for her.

This momma needs to get her a cooling vest.

Tim, the boys, and I went up to the school today to register, and then I got a call that they want to put Joey in second grade because he was homeschooled.  Well, that makes no sense and that's not what the law says.  So we are going to put our feet down and insist on first grade.

The boys seem to have a lot of pent up energy.  Sadly it is pent up, because I won't let them release it in the house because I'd like to live at home and not in prison or a psych ward.  (Tongue in cheek.)  Tomorrow morning I need to send them outside before it is too hot because today they didn't want to play outside because of the 108 degree temp, or whatever it was.  Whatever it was, it was too dang hot for man or beast.

I cleaned my floors because we had some wonderful people walk in with shoes.  :)  So now I have a sign on each door.

My parents bought us a fridge/freeze for the garage and I cannot tell you all, my loyal blog readers, how happy that makes me and how loved it makes me feel.  We have needed more freezer/fridge space ever since we bought this house, because the spot in the kitchen for the fridge is tiny.  Tiny tiny tiny.  Every time we go to the store and someone asks for something, I have to say, "We don't have room in the __________."  Waffles, ice cream, extra gallons of milk (because we are all milk drinkers, you know), chicken, whatever, sorry, no room.  It's depressing.  Well, no more because of my sweet mommy and daddy.


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