Monday, August 12, 2013

Ilse's Food

It's been a long time since I did a post about Ilse's eating.  For a while I did the blended diet.  I really didn't run into any resistance from her doctors (if I had, it wouldn't have mattered, do you know why?  Because ordinary kids don't have their food micromanaged by their doctors, so why should my kid?  Just because she has a tube?  Bad reason.  Anyway  :)

I stopped the bd for summer because I needed a break, and Ilse has done really well on Compleat Pediatric over the summer.  I plan to start the bd back up when school starts, at least part time, but I'm not going to be a strict-only-bd mom like I was when I did it at first.  I'll do bd as it's convenient and do Compleat when it's convenient.

I was told by Ilse's pedi that I needed to be giving her at least 20 oz of water in addition to her food.  We've been doing really well doing that, and since we started it, Ilse's liver enzymes have gone back into the normal range.  The other day I gave Ilse 8 oz of water just to see what would happen, and nothing happened.  She tolerated it beautifully, so ever since I've been giving her 8 oz of water at a time, and today I gave her 250 ml of Compleat.  She tolerated that, too.

So I guess what I am going to try to do is start feeding her 250 ml of Compleat four times a day for the next while to see how she does, with 8 oz of water an hour before each meal.

And I need to go buy bigger diapers because these fives are leaking.

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  1. Do you give water by syringe, pump, gravity? Our son has 4 feeds in the day and 1 at midnight, then water feed at 4 am...4 0z of water. We need to add more in the day but not sure how he'd handle 8 oz, and we can't keep him hooked to pump that much. For feeds he gets around 180 mls of compleat 5x daily. also, is she able to go without water overnight? Thanks for any tips :)


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