Friday, May 17, 2013

More Info about School

The school the boys will be attending is within walking distance of our house!  I am so excited about that, because I hope to be able to walk down there and pick them up instead of getting in the car and waiting in a huge line like I did for Hallie (a foster child we had).  It is a super nice school; we had a good experience there when Hallie attended.  We will go over there probably on Monday and see what we need to do to get the boys tested and enrolled.  We are going to push to put them both in first grade and do some pull out SpEd as needed until they get caught up.

We're pretty sure that after the initial adjustment phase, they will both love school.  They loved Awanas and missed getting to go when I decided that I needed to rest on Sundays, and we think they will react the same positive way toward school.

Joey will love the P.E., and I anticipate that Chris will enjoy music class.

I think school hours are 7:45am to 2:45pm, so they will still have a good chunk of the afternoon for playing.

We're looking forward to what fall will bring!

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