Thursday, April 4, 2013


My children are all sick.  Yes, quite sick.  Ilse just screamed herself to sleep since nothing I did calmed her down.  Poor child has had 6 doses of various medicines just so far today.  Joey is on a 4 times a day medicine for his gi motility, plus an antibiotic for strep.  Ilse has strep, Chris has an ear infection that will not go away (two meds this go around)... his poor ear.  He's lost all hearing in it I think.  I hope it comes back after he gets his tubes.

The dr thinks we need to test Chris for an immunodeficiency.  My heart stopped when I heard that.  That was not something I expected.  Ilse had a bad allergic reaction a week or so ago to something, I don't know what, so I got her an epi-pen today.  My poor little baby.  She's going to the allergist on Monday.

Joey is going in on Monday to have an upper GI with small bowel follow through.  Thankfully it occurred to me to have Tim stay home from work and take Joey to the appointment that day, because it is potentially a seven hour test.  Not only can I not take Ilse up there for that long (and they don't allow sibs anyway in the radiology room) but I can't get anyone to watch her for that long.  No one knows how to feed her but me.  :(  (that is a truly paralyzing thought.)  At least, though, I know if something terrible did happen to me, Kim wouldn't let her starve.  There's always Compleat. 

So Tim is taking Joey, and I'll then be able to keep Ilse's GI appt. for Monday afternoon.  That will be quite routine, although he'll again tell me not to let her gain any weight.  He has confused low muscle tone with low muscle mass.  So he thinks she has no muscle at all and all her 22 lbs. 14 oz. is fat.  :)  But now, that's not how it is, thankfully.  He'll tell me again how well she is doing, and he probably won't need to see us back for 3-6 mos. 

My appointment for a strep check is tomorrow morning.... my goodness we are doctored out.  Thankfully we have good drs!

Now I just need to figure out how to get Tim tested.

***Update:  Phew!  I can get Tim in tonight at a walk in clinic just a few minutes away from the house.  If he tests positive I might try to walk in too and cancel my appt. for tomorrow.  That would be more expensive but much easier than trying to go tomorrow when none of my three babies feels well.

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  1. Sorry y'all are all under the weather. I hope once everyone gets all healed up that y'all stay sick free for a loooooooooooooooooooong time! :-)

    Blessings, Grace


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