Thursday, April 4, 2013


I did decide to do the walk in at the evening hours clinic tonight along with Tim. We all traipsed in there together, waited only a bit, and then crowded into a tiny exam room.

But when I was checking in, at the front desk, the paper had a spot for allergies. I started to write Ilse's and stopped.... nope, I'm not allergic to Omnicef, egg, dairy, etc..

Then we got back to the room and the nurse clarified, "Emily, you're not allergic to any medications?" My mind was completely blank.  I had no idea if I am allergic to anything.

I still have no idea. 


I must be so, so very tired, and absolutely completely out of it.

He prescribed amoxicillin, which I do know I am not allergic too.


Aha!!  I just remembered....  I'm allergic to codeine.  Phew!

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