Friday, April 5, 2013

A Pharmacy

This post is *very* comforting to me.  I feel so overwhelmed right now.  I don't know how many of you have experience with this, but what is overwhelming me is the current amount of medicine everyone in my family is taking.  Ilse is on Prevacid, Cholesterol (3x/day), Amoxicillin (2x/day), Motrin (2x/day), AB Otic drops (every two hours ish), and Tylenol.  Joey is on a 4x a day med and a once a day med.  Chris is on a 3x/day med and a 2x/day med.  Both Tim and I are on a once a day abx.

I am so stressed out running a pharmacy.  Soon though, it will be done, and in the mean time I'll pray (with a slight change of theology) this prayer from the above article, and I hope you will pray it for me, too:

Dear Lord, we just ask today that you would go before us. I pray for every weary parent. I pray that you will be our strength. Lord, life can be hard, but you are so good. You know our needs before we ask. You love us and our children. You want the best for us. Because you are sovereign, we know that everything that touches our lives must first pass through your hands. You don’t cause the hurt and the pain and the suffering, but you are there helping us through it. You are there taking what the enemy meant for harm and using it for our good. You are there giving us your super-natural strength and manifesting your power in our weakness. We give you our cares and worries and burdens. We give you our “to do list.”  We give you our fatigue. We give you everything in this day and we ask that you go before us, Lord. Please, make the rough roads smooth. Please, make a way where there seems to be no way. Be our source of strength, energy and love today. Shine through us Lord and be our light in the darkness. Help us find the joy in the day and  may we have thankful hearts for all the blessings we do have. In the name of Jesus we pray. Amen


  1. There have been times that I've felt like that too...especially when the boys were younger and would get ear infections and asthma attacks every couple of weeks it seemed. Lots of abx and breathing treatments and steroids. I had to write it all down on a schedule to make sure I didn't miss anything.

    This too shall pass my friend, just hold tight to Jesus' truths and keep lovin' on your babies.

    Blessings, Grace


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