Friday, February 22, 2013


I woke up with a headache this morning. Maybe it was the fact that I skipped Starbucks for 2 days (thanks, broken car bill of $1700ish) and (as if I spend that much in two days at Starbucks, lol) or maybe it was all the stress of having a broken car. I have dealt with not being able to feed my child, having to stop pumping breastmilk, having to hold my child down while mean nurses glued electrodes to her head, cleaning poop up after a three year old decides to change his own diaper in the morning, sat through surgeries.... and although I agonize about those, I get super super super stressed about a broken car. It is the feeling of being completely helpless, maybe. How is my husband going to get to work? What if Ilse needs to go to the ER?? What if Joe (he dislikes the name Joey, now) falls off his pogo stick and breaks his head open? I NEED my car. And it broke. God got us to Kim's the other day when I just knew something bad was wrong with it, I mean, come on. Whose car rattles? Yes. Usually people can't hear me coming when I drive down the street, our car is that quiet. But Tuesday, people kept turning to look at me. It was disconcerting, to say the least. After much drama and me completely missing my niece Abby's 7th birthday party, my sister helped me get a rental van. Those are hard to find, let me tell you. People like to rent you Camrys, but I'm sorry, three babies don't fit in the back seat of a Camry. We got the car to a shop and they fixed it, and then we took it to a cheaper shop to get another part fixed. In hindsight, I probably should have left the car at the first place, because after waffling back and forth on the phone because of the price, the kind man took pity on me and gave me a price break. Possibly the second fix would have been cheaper there, too. I don't know. It's done now, and I am so, so glad to have my precious van back.

After the headache of the month..... yes, it was so bad I was nauseated, and I am sure the PT thought I was on drugs or something, I actually had a good day, (which could have been because I had Starbucks this morning. Tim and I saw no reason to inflict my headache and headache mood on the children.) I did math with my boys, which was a MAJOR accomplishment. I am just so proud of my Jos. He has learned his numbers. I am so, so relieved. I thought he might end up being 30 and not know what a 7 was. But, he has finally got it and is progessing nicely. Chris is learning place value. Yay, Chris!

Meanwhile, Ilse is an adorable grump. I think she has gained about 20 pounds in the last few days. She came up positive for wheat and milk allergy, and an even worse allergy to egg yolk than the last time we tested her a year ogo, which made me SO glad I had insisted a year ago on testing her for that, even though I am sure the allergist cussed me out behind my back. Since it has gotten so much worse, and now the pedi (our wonderful Dr. Menchaca) says to stay away from egg whereas before it was an "eh" kind of response to her allergy. I am not sure what to do about the wheat and dairy. There are no clinical reactions, so I will continue giving it to her for now, although I did buy her corn tortillas instead of flour. I gave her a corn tortilla sunbutter sandwich for supper. She loved it. :) She hasn't barfed since Tuesday-- all over Mamaw-- while I was at the car place. I am sure she just missed me. I don't count the barf during feeding therapy as bonafide barf. I am so proud of Ilse. She is happy, growing, and her cholesterol just came back as being completely normal at 101. The Lord has been very good to her. And that's not to say He wouldn't have been good to give her lower cholesterol. Everything He does is good, I just particularly think that was good because I wanted it. Lol.

Tim has been having some pain lately in his leg. I don't know when we are going to do this other surgery. We might put it off another few years. He isn't hurting worse than last year as far as I can tell. I think pain medicine would help, like maybe an anti-inflammatory, but I'm only the wifey-poo and he doesn't always do as I think he should. Haha. :) He does NOT like taking medicine.

We bought some grass seed for the front yard and we plan to plant it tomorrow. We had been planning on getting a ground cover, but as we were walking through Lowe's we saw this deep shade grass, and of course we'd rather just throw some seed out as opposed to get on our hands and knees and actually dig in the dirt to plant something. :) We'll see if it works. Plano residents are only supposed to water twice a week after March 1, and I don't know if we are allowed to water with a hose or not. I'll have to figure that out. At least we are getting to the rainy part of the year, if anytime in Texas can be termed the rainy season, and that will help the seed grow better.

I have been collecting 24 mos onesies for Ilse, and the other day I got them all out and washed them. They fit her now. She's a big growing Ilse who brings us joy every day. She adores her brother Joey and she is learning to smile at Chris.

In my next post there will be some cool news to share regarding something a friend and I started.

I hope you all have a good day!!

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  1. Glad that your car is fixed and that all your sweet babies are doing well!

    Blessings, Grace


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