Friday, November 30, 2012

Play time is for acting out real life apparently

Lately, Joey has been playing what he knows.  Isn't it interesting how kids do that?  He has been carrying around a little doll baby whose name is Tahumnis (or something similar equally unpronounceable.)  Yesterday he came to tell me that he was only going to feed his baby two meals a day.  I asked him why, and he told me the dr told him to.  Ok, said I, but do you agree with that?  Joey said he didn't.  Then you don't have to do it, Joey.  Why don't you go ask the dr why he told you that, and if he doesn't have a good reason, you either don't do it or you switch drs.  

So Joey returned to the 'dr' and after a little visit came to tell me he got a new dr.  Apparently the new dr is a nice man who told him to feed the baby only once a day.  ?!  But Joey, the baby is going to eat all night, right?!  Yes, apparently so.  Phew!  This new dr told Joey that the baby would get sick if she ate more during the day.  Lol.  The dr also told Joey to bring the baby back tomorrow for a check, which I assume is just a weight check.  

Then a bit later Joey told me his baby was 2 but was turning three the next day, and then his comment was, "look!  She is sitting so well!"  Joey lives in a family where the ability to sit is not taken for granted.

Today the baby is having therapy and isn't feeling well.  The therapy is at eight at night, and when I told him his baby needed to be sleeping then, he told me he had no other time free to have therapy.  Lol.  Also, today the baby's name has changed to Joey and now she is a he!  (That part is not foreign to the SLOS world, but has not happened to us, yet.)

I just love my precious boys.

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