Friday, August 24, 2012


Ilse shocked me today with three huge milestones that she achieved!

First she rose up on her hands in the crawling position twice, before letting herself back down.  She is continuing to rock back and forth while on her forearms and knees, but now she has added attempting to be on her hands.  This is a huge first!  Especially since Ilse prefers her hands together, as any of you who know Ilse have seen.  I am so excited about this.  I kept trying to catch it on my iPad, but she is camera shy.

Second, a while back I started holding my hands out to Ilse before picking her up and saying, "Come to Momma!"  And today, she lifted her arms to be picked up when I asked her!  Tim saw it and we both just smiled so happily, and of course I gave her an extra big hug and was so happy when she laid her head on my shoulder.  I still remember the very first time she did that and I get a thrill each time she does it even though there have now been many times.

Third, I went to lay her down on her nice new mat her OT gave us, and she didn't just thump butt first like she always does when I lay her down.  Instead, she put her feet down!  I could not believe it.

What a big baby!

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