Monday, August 13, 2012

Life update

Today marks the beginning of our third week of school.  We have been doing pretty well.  The first week we did four days of school, the second.... Fewer than four, and this week is not as busy so I am hoping to get in five.

I have been meaning to write a blog on how life changes, but I haven't had time, so I will just comment on it briefly.  Lol.

Life changes.

You want more information?  :)  Before we began school, we had our days completely free, and I felt free as a mom.  Now, though, I no longer have the luxury of napping unless we complete our school in the morning.  The boys no longer have the luxury of playing outside all day long.  Instead, we work hard until our school jobs are completed.  We can no longer go the park without thought if a friend calls and invites us.  I no longer answer the phone nearly without fail when it rings.  

I have definitely entered a new stage in motherhood.  I am determined to excel in teaching our boys.  They might not be brilliant, but to the best of my ability I am going to give them a well rounded education.  However, even that is not my biggest goal for them.  While we want them to be well-learned, we most of all want them to be men who love and serve the Lord... And who are wise.

Wise is our character quality this week.  The poem that goes with it, from God's Wisdom for Little Boys, by Jim and Elizabeth George, is 

Do you want to grow up and be a wise man?
Do you want to be smart?  God says you can!
Just seek out God's truth throughout your days,
And you'll be wise as you follow His ways.

The mind of a smart person is ready to get knowledge.  The wise person listens to learn more.  Proverbs 18:15

I would not be acting wisely if I fritter away my time doing the things I used to have the freedom to do.  Instead, I have committed to using my time to give my boys the best chance in life that I can.  And that includes teaching them regular educational stuff and the things of God.

My kitchen is not currently clean, but my boys learned B today.  They wrote upper and lower case b's until they could do it correctly, and they learned about the sun.  I am so proud of them and so thankful for this opportunity to teach them.

Today, Ilse is practicing her crawling.  She is doing so well.  She gets tired quickly and isn't very coordinated, but she is motivated and she tries.  She is an amazing baby.

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