Saturday, July 14, 2012

Ilse's eating

As I've said before, I randomly decide that I am going to change Ilse's eating, and then I do it pretty much immediately. The other day I decided I was going to stop feeding her at night, and today we did. Because we woke up late this morning, Ilse's last food will be at 11:45 pm to 12:45 am, but tomorrow we will be able to start her feeds earlier and thus get done truly before when bed *should* be.

Feeding this Ilse at night disturbs my sleep and hers, since sometimes she barfs (usually super early morning) or she wraps the cord around herself, wakes up, screams, gets hot, screams because she's hot, gets congested when I turn on the fan, barfs, etc..... It will be much better to be fed only during the day.

Of course, to begin this process of moving all her formula to day time hours, I had to decide to drastically up her food intake at a feed. Whereas before she was getting between 105 and 115 mls every three hours all day and night, now she is getting 160 mls every three hours forty-five minutes to four hours, only five times during the day.

So far it is going really well. She did a giant barf earlier, but it was completely my fault since I neglected to add correctly and so fed her much, much too soon. Poor baby. Since then I have done everything on time and she hasn't barfed at all.

My fear is that she will decide she can't go through the night without eating. That makes no sense to me, since we all do it (at least I do, lol). Maybe it will just be habit that wakes her up? I don't know. We will see, and I will have to learn how this is done since I have never trained a baby to sleep through the night without eating before.

Back when Ilse was on her infant formula, there was a month or so that I tried not feeding her at night, but she woke up hungry and would cry, and she was way too thin anyway.

I really don't know how tonight will go. Whatever happens, I can always change my mind and feed her some in the night if necessary, just to get her to fall back asleep.

Does any mom had any advice on how to get a baby not to eat at night? Does it involve lots of crying? I don't do well with that. I cannot tune it out and I don't let her just cry. That just makes her hot and congested, which brings barf and more laundry.

Tim, of course, has no problem tuning screeching out. He can just continue to sleep, which irks me greatly. How is that even remotely fair? Lol. But seriously, I would not want to tune Ilse out. I take great joy in taking care of her, and, I do admit that the nights of wanting to wake her up just so I could spend time with her have not completely passed. Now though, I just check her incessantly and tell Tim how much I miss her and wish she was with me sleeping instead of all alone in her room.

Regarding Ilse's oral eating.... She is actually doing surprisingly well. She has started leaning forward to get to the food on the spoon, and she has been rolling it around in her mouth a lot. She can swallow, but the swallow is not organized. Peas are her favorite. She doesn't like anything acidic, so no apples or peaches. She likes squash and sweet potato, but peas are truly her food of choice.

And today, I gave Ilse her very first taste of ice cream. She liked it :)

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