Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Thrown for a small loop

We find ourselves thrown for a bit of a loop over here tonight. Ilse's pediatrician called to talk to me about Ilse's latest blood work. It seems like the immunologist is very concerned about the latest IgG level... apparently he called the pediatrician Dr. M. as soon as he saw the results. That alone doesn't sound good. However, I tried to keep it in perspective when Dr. M. called me, because, even though they are discussing a dose of antibiotics three times a week for the foreseeable future, the fact is that Ilse hasn't been sick. She has had her moments of random sickness, sure, but she hasn't had an infection that has landed her in the hospital. I told Dr. M. I wanted to wait to see what Dr. W., the hematologist says, and then run that by a SLOS specialist before we make any kind of a decision.

When we last walked this road, the hematologist said that while Ilse's IgG level seems low, it really isn't. The test is very variable and depending on the lab that does it, one can get very different results. He also said that Ilse's prematurity is playing a part in the numbers and possibly her SLOS is, too. I take comfort in the fact that he said she hasn't been in the hospital, so therefore right now there is nothing to worry about. It isn't blood work that should tell us there is a problem, it is a child sick with dramatic infections.

Thankfully, right now we don't have a sick Ilse. She hasn't been acting herself, but..... she hasn't actually been acting sick, either. I, who tends to be super careful, haven't rushed her to the doctor.

We will wait to see what the hematologist says, and then, if we can, we will also run it by a SLOS specialist. Only then will we make our plan.

Meanwhile, I am going back to being an germ annihilator. I guess it is the best course of action until we know what is going on.

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