Saturday, June 16, 2012

Hang on to TRUTH

On days like today there is only one thing you can do.

Hang on to truth; don't let Satan or anything else, even your own thoughts and desires, sway you from the truth.

Little Luke Bowers died today. BUT the truth is, God planned his life and death from the foundations of the world. God put Luke on this earth for a purpose, and now He has taken Luke from earth. The truth is, Luke now is with the Lord in perfect health, and he is breathing, thinking, SEEING and HEARING. He doesn't need cholesterol any more and he doesn't need medicine. God made him a broken human being in this earthly life, and God has now given him New Life in heaven with Him.

Please pray for the Bowers family. They have lost their precious son and brother after many months of planning for his life, then taking care of him, and also dreaming of the day he would be stable.

I know that when Tim dies, if he precedes me in death, my first thought will be, he is walking now without trouble, and he doesn't hurt.

That was my first thought about Luke, too. He is healthy now!

That is such a precious truth to hold on to.

I grieve with the Bowers. I cannot imagine the pain they are enduring. But God is gracious, so God, please sustain them, comfort them, and cause them to lean on You. Give them Your peace and show them your love. Hold them close, and don't let them stray during this time of mourning. Help them to know that Luke is with You in perfect health. In Jesus' name, Amen.

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  1. Losing a loved one to heaven makes heaven, and our precious Lord and Savior all the more dear. May they find comfort in the hope that we have in Christ, and his love for them.


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