Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Yes, that happens at my house: Confession Time

Ilse is a barfer. That's just all there is to it. It was a moment of priceless forethought and intelligence when I decided to buy her two mattress pads. Nevertheless, I don't always have one clean and neither do I have time to wash it between her naps. There is just too much laundry. Ilse creates an unending stream of barf laundry. During the night if she barfs, I don't take her sheet and mattress pad off her bed. Instead, I pretend we live in the middle ages and just cover the barf up. Of course, I don't put reeds on the floor, I am talking about using blankets to cover the barf bed. Sometimes there are four (or more) layers of barf covering blankets, burp rags, and water proof pads on Ilse's bed. And if she barfs again, I just add more, until we either run out of blankets or it occurs to me that it is way past time to change Ilse's bedding, and maybe it has only been two days or so. And then my husband goes to help me change it and says, "this is moldy under here." Yes. That happens at my house.

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