Saturday, May 12, 2012

My Mother

My mother amazes me.

She raised me and did her best to teach me what I needed to know to live a godly life.

She works tirelessly every single day.

She comes over here and does my laundry because she knows I am busy.

She watches my boys and puts up with their shenanigans... and then feels guilty when they get in trouble when I come home.

She cleans my boys' toilet out of love for us.

She doesn't judge my house.

Whenever I have a party, she is always in the kitchen helping. I don't think I could give a party by myself; I don't know that I would know how! I am sure I would miss something that I don't even know needs doing, since she has always done it.

She still teaches me good things and always encourages me to do right.

She loves my children.

She is always seeking ways to be more godly.

The thing I missed most when I grew up, got married, and left home, was my mother making me oatmeal for breakfast.

I wish I could think of the words to say everything that is on my heart for my mother.

I love her very much, and I am so thankful to the Lord for her.

If I can be like her even a little bit, I will be happy.

I love you, Mom!


  1. Do you remember when I came out to Carlsbad to help while your mom had wrist surgery? Her suffering led to my joy because I had such a good time with you kids. You and I sat down for a letter writing session to our mothers. You told me you didn't know how to tell your mom how you felt, so I suggested we both write letters to our moms. We wrote and wrote, sharing personal stories and emotions with each other all the while, until we'd worked ourselves into tears. I later kind of mentioned to your mom how deeply you loved her. She was extremely moved, and when she checked in to the hospital, she called home to talk to you...only you :)


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