Thursday, May 31, 2012

My babies and life

Ilse has really been fun lately. She will reach up with both hands to take whatever you offer her, and if you drop it instead of put it in her hands, she will reach over to pick it up. If she can't pick it up with one hand, she reaches over with two. Smart girl! Just a minute ago I put a burp rag down by her on the floor, and she reached over and picked it up to put it in her mouth. For the longest time I have been wondering when that day would come..... Now I need to be extra vigilant to make sure there are no small pieces near her or things like my iPad cord! I don't believe she looks across the floor to find small things to go in her mouth.... yet. But I am sure that day will be here before I know it. Also, today is the first day (that I have noticed) that Ilse has begun to put her thumb on the opposite side of a toy than her fingers are on. That is the beginnings of the pincer grasp! When she switches to one finger and her thumb to hold something, that will be the full blown pincer grasp. Unfortunately, the best way to work on the pincer grasp is to give the baby things like peas to eat.... Well, we won't be doing that. Ilse will just have to learn some other way.

We should get her cholesterol testing back today. With her recent weight gain I wanted to make sure we were giving her enough. I read on the SLOS groups how much other people are giving and I think we are woefully behind what's normal. We also had a follow up test done on Ilse's immune system, specifically her IGG level. That won't come back for several days I guess, but I am thinking it will be normal. If not I guess my poor baby will be in for another battery of tests.

Right now the boys are playing trash truck.... I remember playing that as kids. I believe the trash guy was Mitch Conner.... The no account husband from a Janette Oke book we read. Ilse is watching her brothers like they hold the secrets to sitting up and oral eating.

Also, I have stopped emailing out my blog. I have and might in the future write things that are more pointed than light and fluffy, and I don't think I will bombard people's inboxes with my opinions. It is easy enough to come check my blog if you would like to know what is going on.

I am thankful to all the people who read what I write, and especially, leave me sweet comments. Jean.... Christie...... :)

Later I might need to go get myself some coffee. I haven't been doing that lately, but today is a head ache day and Tylenol alone isn't doing the trick. One more day of school after today, and then Tim will be home all summer. I cannot wait. Now the boys are firemen. I love my little family. Except now the firemen are spraying me with water..... Ouch!

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