Monday, May 28, 2012

Ilse's nurse and life and Memorial Day

Ilse's nurse comes for the first time tomorrow. I am not exactly nervous about it; I don't exactly know what I am feeling about it. The lady, E, put me so at ease, and Ilse smiled at her, so I know Ilse is not afraid of her. E is so knowledgable and kind, and..... she is a big fan of hand washing.

I think she will take great care of Ilse while I do a few things around here that need doing. It will be nice also for Joey because he won't be on Ilse watching duty quite as often during those times I run out to change the laundry or go to the bathroom. He, let me tell you, will be a fabulous baby sitter some day. He loves sitting and playing with her, and he is unfailingly gentle and kind.

It will be good also that I am home to make sure that Ilse is happy. The Nurse said that if I want to sit on the couch, hold Ilse, and have her run and grab anything I need, that is what she is there for. Not that I am planning on doing that, but it is a nice thought. She is there strictly to help me take care of Ilse a little easier. She would even go to the zoo with us to help with Ilse. Wow!

For my part, I hope I can share the gospel with her in case she doesn't know the Lord.

Ilse continues to be wonderful... She is teething I guess and so hasn't felt very well lately. I am going to call her pediatrician tomorrow to get her prescription for her Prevacid renewed. She might need a bigger does since she is now 17 POUNDS! Yes, I know. I can't believe it. Here we waited forever for the 14 pound mark, and then I kept telling people that she was just under 16, and then, viola, the nurse weighed her and she was 17. Unbelievable. She gained over a pound in three weeks. I guess I need to have her cholesterol checked also and possibly have that dose upped too.

I am so thankful for her good weight gain, and for her general health these days. I just love her little smile.

Joey and Chris are really enjoying playing in Chris's sandbox, and they haven't had to get in trouble overthrowing sand in each other's eyes (over and over and over and over) after that first day, thank goodness. That was getting really old, fast.

Mom got Chris a tether ball, and they will love learning how to play it, also.

I need to make a decision about Christopher's therapy, and I also need to call and make an appointment with the cardiologist for him. Yes, they are sending my five year old to the cardiologist. I'll let you know how it goes.

We are thankful today to all the men and women who have died in defense of our freedom, and we grieve with all the families who have lost someone they love. We especially are sad for the kids who will and who have grown up without one or both parents due to the parent's service in the military.

We thank all who were sovereignly brought home safely. They also sacrificed and deserve MUCH thanks.

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