Wednesday, May 16, 2012


So many things are changing this summer for the Minich family. I am going to immortalize them here on my blog, mostly so that I will remember them. :)

We recently switched Ilse's formula to the big girl kind... it is made of real food. We call it her Chick-fil-A. I am very excited about this formula because it has a twelve hour hang time, which means I could technically get a full night's sleep. We are still working out the kinks, but there is great potential ahead for a more rested Emma.

This summer Ilse is going to begin having a nurse come out twice a week for a few hours a time. It is really respite through the wonderful Medically Dependent Children's Program, and Ilse being a part of that program also gets her Medicaid for the disabled (which will pay for Ilse's very expensive formula!). I am so thankful for their service. The MDCP will pay for anything Ilse needs that her private insurance and Medicaid don't pay for, even minor home modifications to make a home handicap accessible.

I am going to use the time the nurse is here (she is an RN!) to focus on the boys' school. The other day I went to the book fair and bought some wonderful curriculum for the boys, and I really can't wait to start it. Previously I was incredibly nervous about homeschooling, but now that I have a curriculum that is set in stone, and I don't have to think about it, I believe I can handle it. I know a lot of people don't like to be in boxes, but that is exactly what I want. I want it all planned out for me so I don't have to take any time at all figuring it out or planning it. That sounds pretty lazy of me, I guess, but really it isn't. It would be far worse to plan either to do nothing, or to plan a ton and then not get it done. Also, the curriculum I chose doesn't depend on me getting the boys' preschool books done this summer. I am very happy about that. We are planning to start them both in kindergarten sometime this summer when Tim is home.

In addition to having a nurse come out twice a week, Ilse will be having therapy more often since we are switching physical therapists. I would like a physical therapist for Ilse who will come out more than once a week, and now that Ilse's medicaid is switching to traditional, there is a wonderful therapy company who I think will be just what we need. I am hoping for two to three times a week so that Ilse can make some real progress. My little darling isn't sitting yet, and she should be. She isn't incapable, she is only untaught. Untherapied, as it were. I do work with her, but my sister is right when she said you think you are going to work on feeding and sitting, but then you just don't. She is so right. Most of my time with Ilse is spent cleaning her (two baths yesterday from barf, and for this seasoned mother of a barfer to give a bath afterwards means she was super super foul), feeding her with her pump, singing to her, playing with her, and just showing her I love her. Also, once when I tried to work on sitting I let her fall and she konked her head. Poor little baby. You better believe I felt awful, and it scared me so much I still kind of feel like I had better let the therapists do it. Also, I am a little scared to work on feeding, because what if I make her choke?? We love our occupational therapist who works on feeding. She is such a special person, and I am so thankful the Lord sent her our way.

Ilse is also going to be having developmental therapy twice a month. This therapist will teach Ilse how to play, will work on cognition, and pre-speech things. I am not too sure about this arrangement actually, because the therapist told me the sessions would be more teaching me how to teach Ilse things, and honestly that sounds like a waste of time. I already do every single thing she suggested. However, we will try it for a while, and if I don't think it is helping Ilse at all we will stop.

In addition to the nurse and new therapies for Ilse, I am going to have Christopher evaluated for feeding therapy. I have gotten so tired of fighting him at meal time. I really think a big part of the drama is that he just doesn't know how to chew effectively. I know a huge part of his issues at meal time is the fact that he lives a good part of the time in la-la land, but I think a part of it also is that he just doesn't know how to eat.

Tim will be having hip surgery in June, and that will be an adjustment for all of us. Hopefully it will be the biggest adjustment for Tim, from daily pain to no pain. That might be a lot to ask for, but we are hoping for it anyway. Supposedly the recovery time for this surgery is minimal, but you just never know.

Those are some of the changes coming up, and now I guess if I forget something I can look back to see what I said. Of course, that is if I remembered to type it all up here, which is a big if. :)

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  1. I'm so glad that you are finding out what works for your home. You're not 'lazy' - you are working on balance. Hang in there!


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