Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bumper Woes

I set a goal for myself a while back, and today I began the journey toward completion. Then, I promptly gave up. I have to face the facts. I am just not a sewer, never mind the two times the good Mrs. Nelson has labored to teach me. I just. Can't. Sew.

You see, I got irked with Ilse's bumper months ago, and I purposed to put snaps on it so I wouldn't have to constantly untie and retie, untie and retie, every time the poor child barfed on it or her bedding. I have been wresting the mattress out to replace the bedding, or just not replacing the bedding, or going through the dramatic process of moving the crib to take the bumper out, etc..

The other day I had enough and decided to go get the snaps. Did you know there are snaps you can it on without sewing? Instead you hammer it. That sounds like me, doesn't it! I went to Jo-Ann's but instead of getting the nice little snaps I talked myself into hooks and eyes. What was I thinking?? I am not a sewer. And yet, I [im]patiently spent my morning trying my hardest to put those dang little things on the bumper ties. Did you know that it is super hard to hold little itty bitty pieces? And then, I spilled them. And a few needles.

Shortly after that is when I gave up.

I am going to go back to Jo-Ann's and get the hammering snaps. Never mind that I have to put holes in the fabric. It has to be easier than trying to sew tiny things when I am not a sewer.

Tim and I agree on something though. He has apparently had enough of this bedding change drama too, and we decided that if the Lord every blesses us with another blessing, we are going to spend the outrageous amount of $500 something for this crib, because the side opens for an easy sheet change. Amazing.

Also, I am considering buying these sheets. Then, if I lay a waterproof pad underneath it ought to be much easier to change the sheets when the sheet is the only part that got dirty.

Today we are also dealing with intentional peeing on the floor while sitting on the toilet. Yes. You read that right. This is going to take a lot of thought and prayer about how to conquer it because I really don't know what to do. Supervise, I guess, which just seems so sad to me. I have to supervise my six year old while he pees.


  1. Peeing on the floor while standing near the toliet may not be such an uncommon problem. When I worked at the Montessori school, I had many opportunities to observe (and clean up after) several 4-7 year olds who did the same thing. One solution was to ask them to use the bathroom at regular intervals. Some of them just would just wait too long between breaks and then kind of 'explode' as soon as they were near the toliet. Don't know if that's helpful - but just know that it's not necessarily an unusual thing to happen. Love you, Ems! Hang in there.


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