Sunday, April 1, 2012

A toof!

My baby is a big girl today.....

Ilse has been abnormally fussy today, and I just thought that she was tired since she was awake in the night, and she didn't want me to touch her button, so I thought that her tummy might be hurting too.

And then, lo and behold, I looked in her mouth like I have many times lately as I asked her, "do you have any toofies today? Doooooo you have any tooooooofies today?"

And she does! A tooth has come through and is super sharp and....

I lost it. My poor baby! She is growing up!

The boys didn't understand. Christopher remarked that she needed to get big so she can play in the yard. And so she can play in their room with them.

I tried to explain why I was upset. (I don't know why I bothered.)

"She won't cuddle with me anymore when she is big!"

Tim tried to comfort me reminding me that she might not ever be able to move out. Friend of Job.

Christopher also didn't care how sad I was. His perspective? "She's going to need a bigger bed."

Wahhhhhhh :(

Here she is after some Advil and gum numbing medicine.


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