Thursday, April 19, 2012

Praying Blessings and Speaking Kindly

Something I have been thinking about lately is how I pray for my kids when I pray with them. I first starting doing it for Ilse, because she is so incredibly needy, but then I expanded it to my boys because it is so important I think. Praying blessings on my kids....

I guess it would be easier sometimes (and eternally helpful) to pray things like "Lord, help Joey obey today, help him not....." and while those things need to be prayed too, I doing think that kind of praying is for morning or bedtime.

At bedtime I have started praying blessings, which is what I call it, even though it is more just telling the Lord in my child's hearing how precious he is to me.

So I will thank God for Joey, tell God I don't know what I would do without my Joey, mention a few wonderful things that I really love, and pray that Joey will have the best gift ever from God, which is a heart that loves Him.

I do the same for Chris, and I believe these kinds of prayers affirm my love for my kids in such a tangible way. The other day I told Joey and Chris they couldn't do something because something dangerous could happen as a result, and Joey's response was, "we're way too precious...." That made my heart sigh with joy.

I also have tried to expand this practice into my daily talking to people. I want to say affirming things to them, so that they will always leave me feeling just a little bit better, a little bit better about themselves (even though that sounds a bit funny, it is still important to to build people up.)

I totally fail at always speaking affirmingly, but I think it is so important that I want to keep trying.

There are a few people I know that I am positive that whatever comes out of their mouths will be kind. My sister Ellen is one. Cecile Lelina is another. I think that is a worthy goal to have, don't you?

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  1. I love this idea of praying blessings upon your kids, I think I will do that too!


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