Sunday, April 22, 2012

Joey and his Language

Joey is still growing in his use of language. Just lately he has started to use so many words, which, unfortunately, he has no idea what the meaning is for most for them. Or rather, he gets the context right sometimes, but he still gets it completely wrong.

Today he told me that a man with big legs was twenty pounds. Then he told me that a boy he saw pushing a shopping cart was twenty pounds. I believe he even used the phrase 'twenty pounds' to describe how long we had been in a store.

The other day he asked me if he could give a thumbs down to a song on Pandora because it sounded 'a little crooked'. I did laugh at that one.

He is also talking about 'couple months' all the time. He will tell me he is going to call Mamaw to tell her about having root beer floats in 'couple months'. Not 'a couple months', just 'couple months'. When he asked me to vacuum his room, and I told him that I would if he would pick up all his stuff, he thought about if and decided that I could do it instead in 'couple months'.

I am thrilled he is getting a better vocabulary. Now we just need to prevent him from becoming an Amy March.

That would be 'a little crooked.'

One other funny thing Joey said recently:

"Mamaw is a perfect lady! She comes to our house when we want her to come, and she leaves when we want her to leave."

Wow. Who knew it was that easy to be a perfect lady. :)

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