Friday, March 2, 2012

Healthy Living, Clean Living, Regular Living

Tim and I decided earlier this year to live in a more frugal manner, and for the most part we have done really well. I no longer plan to get a Starbucks drink the fight before I am going to drive by that well beloved place, and now, if I am going to get a drink, sometimes I forget and pass the joint. That always give me a bit of a happy feeling, believe it or not.

I have recognized the same old problem with myself, and I would bet that it is a human wide problem. The more tired or stressed I am, the more I waver on my commitments not to eat out and not to grab a coffee. The number of nights I get up in the night to feed my baby is directly proportionate to the likelihood that I will go to Starbucks on my way home from taking Tim to work.

That is a terrible failing.

Because of this failing, the last couple weeks have not been a boasting point for me. Not that I should last about it anyway, and I am not, but for sure these last couple of weeks I absolutely cannot boast. No reason for boasting here.

What I have been doing well at these last few weeks is my housecleaning. I have rearranged my room and that always involves a good old fashioned clean up and and clean out. We aren't done with it because we have just both gotten so incredibly tired. I have wondered if I have Parvo or something since I am so achy, or maybe I am just spending too much time on the floor with Ilse. Whatever the cause, we have been too tired to finish the room, but it certainly does look nicer.

I also cleaned some blinds, mopped some (very) dirty floors, and have been keeping up with my laundry. I am very happy with how all of that is going.

I have also been spending a lot of time teaching the boys some things we have been quite lax on, like how to respond to a question about something they did. The answers tend to involve other people, like blaming parents or each other, and we are working on having them begin their explanations with the personal pronoun 'I' and not use anyone else's name in the explanation. Adam and Eve would have benefited from that lesson, so I want the boys to have it. Their wives will appreciate their ability to take responsibility, too, I am sure.

We are also working with one son on the difference between trying to be bad and not trying to be good. (I know the words bad and good in relation to children aren't very popular, but there's no getting around it, sin is bad and no sin is good.) This one son doesn't try to be good. He thinks he lives in do-whatever-he-wants world, and he doesn't care if it is good or bad. If he wants to do it, he will. I had a long talk with him today on how important it is to be an active obey-er instead of a passive naughty boy. He needs to TRY to behave. I think this road with him is going to be very long.


Last night I broke down and took some ibuprofen for my aches, and I feel so much better today! Hopefully this will be a day of getting some good things done.

All in all, we are happy around here, and we are waiting on the doctors appointment for Ilse's blood. Hopefully that will be soon.


  1. Any updates on Ilse? I hope that the tests she had to take came back relatively positive and were not as painful as you feared. I have been thinking about you.

    I think your observations on willpower are common to all of us. The busier we are, the more willpower it takes to just go about our regular routine - getting up at the right time, cleaning, cooking...when we are not stressed, those activities are easy - when we are stressed, we have less willpower for things like starbucks because we are using it to just cope with reality. *HUGS*

  2. Hey Jean, thanks for the prayers! No, we are still waiting on an appt for Ilse, and now I think she might be getting a little bit sick. Time will tell!


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