Wednesday, February 1, 2012

so much sadness

I am part of a group on Facebook for parents of children/adults with SLOS, and today a lady posted about her sweet baby Aaron who is dying today. My heart just broke for them! I can't imagine saying the words, "spending the last moments with my son." God created all these children exactly the way he wanted them, and yet, it seems so cruel sometimes, especially when it ends in the death of a precious little baby.

It hurts to think of it, but my darling Ilse is a picture of the sin in the world, and the compassion we all show her is a picture of God's compassion for us. I wish I could remember where I read that about God's compassion.... it is so true. Every time we show love to one of the least of these, and children with SLOS are certainly-- in the world's eyes at least-- the least of these, we show love to the Savior and we demonstrate His love for us.

I firmly believe that those who are incapable of believing are not guilty of the sin of unbelief. I tell Ilse all the time that if she can never understand about God's gift to her of eternal life, our God is merciful. I believe she will understand, but there are certainly those who mentally can't or who never even get the opportunity. I believe that Little Aaron, then, will have every tear wiped from his eyes today, and he will have no more pain.

His family, though, will have much pain. Please pray for them.

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  1. Emily, you are a wise tenderheart.

    My dear Lord, thank You for creating Emily with a vastly deep reservoir of concern, compassion, and empathy--and the knowledge of how to share her gifts. May her friends be held in your hands through their sorrow and grief.


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