Friday, February 10, 2012

More Christopher Logic

This post may be TMI for some people, but for others.... it may just remind them of a relative we have named Joseph Minich.... The Uncle Joseph, not the little Joey.

The other day Christopher pooped FIVE times in one day. And I bet most mothers will agree with me that that is just too much butt wiping to do in one day, especially considering you have two more kids whose butts you also wipe.

So I told him the next day as I was wiping him the first time he went, "Yesterday you pooped too many times, you've gone once today, so don't go anymore." I had told him this a million times.... just try to consolidate your poop! Get it all out at once, blah, blah, blah.

"Yes, Mommy." He responded.

The next day we were eating lunch and I offered him something else and he turned me down saying, "That might make me go poop." I told him that that was ok.

"But Mommy, you told me not to go anymore!"

"Chris! That is not what I meant! Of course you have to go poop..."

Oh my goodness. That child is so literal, just like Uncle Joe... whose similar story goes something like this: he was told by his mother not to use hot water at that time because it might burn him, and then a year or two later he came downstairs freezing after showering in the middle of winter... Because he truly thought she had told him never ever to use hot water again.

That story cracks me up every time I think about it. And apparently my Christopher thinks exactly the same way. We mommies better watch out!

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  1. Oh my little dudes poop all the time, there is just no stopping it! Funny story! I do love how kids are so literal...I've been reading Johnathan the Amelia Bedelia books and he doesn't know why they are so funny since he think like her! :)


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