Saturday, January 7, 2012

The New Year

I have always scoffed at New Year's Resolutions, but this year I am afraid that Tim and I unintentionally joined the ranks of the resolute.

I have been doing the money in our family every since we were a family, and let me tell you, I have never ever done a good job of it. Bills have been late, I have spent way too much, and everything that could go wrong did. And since the night I sat up in bed at the hospital after my c-section when my little baby was at a different hospital in the NICU..... just to do bills..... I said to myself, 'Self, this has to end.' I simply didn't have the brain power anymore to do it.

So, on Dcember 31 it did end. Tim and I sat down to work out a budget, and during it we made some decisions that I am so happy with.

Of course, we didn't intentionally decide all these things on the last day or the year. I think that was just a convenient time to sit down and go over it all. :)

Some of the changes we made are the following:

I am 97% off coffee. I am 99% off Starbucks. That is the one I am so happy about. I am ashamed to say how often we went to Starbucks, but now I am pleased to be able to say that I have gone twice, TWICE, this week. That is, well, that is amazing. That is saving so much money right there. And, not being on so much caffeine and sugar is good for me.

Also, we have only eaten out ONCE this week! Wow! If you know us, that is a gigantic change. We wouldn't have even eaten out that one time, except that was the day that was so busy with two labs and Tim's appointment. I simply didn't have time to grab some lunch at home before I had to go pick Tim up at work.

I have been having fun making wholesome, homemade meals for my boys and for myself. We have eaten some cereal, yes, but we have also eaten fish, chicken, cinnamon toast, quesadillas with leftover chicken, and various other things. One day I gave Joey salad for a snack, and he ate it because he wanted to be thankful. He could have told me that he didnt want a snack, but no, instead he ate it happily. Lol. The other day we ate Pizza salad, which is spinach salad with pepperoni in it. The boys are making a habit of telling me that "this food is 'alicious!" (Joey) and "this is good!" (Chris) It is sweet of them.

We are also trying to use up most of the food we have in the freezer and pantry before buying tons more. So far I have been doing really well with it. We have finished one kind of fish and the chicken, and most of the tortillas are gone. I am trying to go shopping every week for just that week's worth of food instead of going once a month. Those huge shopping trips are so stressful, it is nearly impossible to fit it all in the car since there is a stroller back there, and I am sure I spend way too much that way anyway.

Today's shopping trip to Walmart was difficult, though, because I feel like the walking dead, Ilse is coughing up a storm, and I managed to erase my list halfway through the store. I had worked really hard on that list. And I had really been trying to make sure I didn't buy things we didn't need this week... and also that I didn't get home to discover that I forgot something of magnitudinal importance. Hopefully I didn't do either.

I tried to rest as much as I could today since I feel so sick, but I know I didn't rest enough. I have to feed Ilse one last time at 11:30 tonight, and then I can go to bed. Maybe she will sleep the night through, but I doubt it. I think she is trying to grow and so is hungry in the night. I will take hunger in the night any time over screaming in pain.

I am considering buying her a shirt that says, "I am sick. Please don't breathe on me or touch me without permission" Ilse gets sick every time she thinks a thought, poor child.

Today for the first time she was goofing off when I tried to put her in her carseat. She wouldn't bend, and she was making happy noises. It was cute-- until I lost my grip on her and thumped her head on her seat. I consoled myself with the logic that that part of the seat is made to keep the head safe in a wreck, so a little thump should be fine. She is herself, so it did no lasting damage. I am thankful for that.

And our therapist is recommending that I begin getting notes from the doctor everytime we have to do any medical proceedure at all on Ilse, since her skin is so markable. The GI scared me the other day asking me why her chest was so marked up red. All I had been doing was holding her while she stood. At least our pediatrician and therapist understand, but I guess I need to get a signed something from them stating how the baby's skin is before I get accused of something terrible.

And now, it is time for some cold medicine and for getting ready for bed.

Good night!

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