Monday, January 9, 2012

Life Snapshot

Here are my two new favorite things. Since Tim and I have gone 99% off Starbucks, I have gone 100% tea-- peppermint tea, to be exact. It is amazing. I add a bit of honey to my tea, and it is so tasty!

And now that I am not spending money at Starbucks, I could afford to spend $20 on a thermos that doesn't leak. (Yes, I know. I still spent money at Starbucks to buy it. Ignore that part of the story. :) My thermos has a real leather hand protector thing-a-ma-bob. Smashing!

If you look really closely, this picture is a snapshot of my life. The thermometer at the left, because Ilse is sick; a blanket for her to lay on, although she doesn't stay on it; her car seat; a cup of water to wash out her nose sucker machine with; a few toys; and way back at the back is the pharmacy bag from my favorite-pharmacy-with-the-amazing-syringes...... it had amoxicillin in it. Again, because Ilse is sick.

Have a great night! I intend to. Tim and I are going to watch some more Downton Abbey.

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