Saturday, January 21, 2012

Ilse's health

Ilse has been so much fun lately. She has been shrieking, talking, and smiling all the time. She has really been moving, too. She waves her arms around, holds them up, kicks, squirms, and rolls everywhere. She loves her toys now, too, especially the pink poodle that vibrates when I pull the string for her. The other day Tim caught her with her fingers in her mouth the 'Marcus way', and she was also folding her hands with her fingers perfectly interlocked. I was so sad that I didn't get a picture of either of those things!

Ilse has also discovered jumping. She was standing on me the other day, and she completely shocked me by jumping a few times! That confirms to me that it is time to consider seriously getting her an exersaucer.

Things aren't currently all peaches and cream with Ilse though. Yesterday I ran her to the doctor since she was slightly lethargic. We had just finished an antibiotic for an ear infection two days before, and it turns out that the medicine didn't fix her infection, and, what's worse, her other ear is infected now, too. Her left ear was close to bursting yesterday. I am so thankful I took her in for a check up before the weekend even though it didn't exactly seem like she truly needed to go. That further reinforced to me that I cannot wait with her. If she seems slightly off I need to get her checked. Most mothers can wait to see if the lethargy really is anything. I cannot, it seems. So far every time I have taken her in for a minor reason, like her just not seeming quite right, it has turned out to be something that definitely needed medical attention. I am not trying to pat myself on the back about it; I am just thankful the Lord has given us access to great medical care and a bit of intuition to know what to do with this sweet baby.

That intuition is what is bothering me today.... at least, I am afraid it is the intuition. I hopes it is more just unreasonable fear. The doctor said Ilse had lost weight, which is concerning, obviously, since she is so tiny already. Her face looks so thin to me today. I have been feeding her more than usual lately, which makes me doubly concerned that something isn't right. I don't think it is all her increased movement. And, she barfed up her first dose of this antibiotic, which I didn't want to give her anyway because it is in the same class as the one that made her scream for several nights. We might be making an emergency run to the doctor tomorrow morning during church if she begins screaming after I give her the medicine. Today wasn't an accurate test since she didn't keep much of the medicine in. If she has a problem with this antibiotic, the next step is tubes for her ears. I have been told that the surgery is a godsend, but I still don't want to send Ilse in for another surgery. The first one was hard enough.

Ilse is laying here now putting her rings in her mouth. She is so wondrously amazing and such a gift from God to me. Please pray for her. She needs to be better.


  1. *HUGS*

    Thanks for the update - I will keep you and Ilse in my thoughts.

  2. Ems you are doing a great job. Ask your doctor to try her on Bactrin. It is an antibiotic different from the typical pink stuff you put in the fridge. Joespeh went through a series of infections and this was the last resort before tubes. He went on 6 weeks of this stuff and it cured him for good!


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