Sunday, January 22, 2012

Ilse and her...... Poop! Eww! Other health news, too.

Ilse baffled me today. She barely let us get out of the house for church this morning with the constant diarrhea. She had four diarrhea diapers before noon. And, amazingly, none since! I am so thankful! Hopefully she will continue to do well in this area.

I gave Ilse a gillion tons of pedialite along with almost all of her normal milk amount today. This morning I fed her a it less milk for her first feeding, but for her second I started 45 minutes early with 100 mls of pedialite and then followed that up with 100 mls of milk. For her next feeding I again gave her 100 mls of pedialite, but then I gave her 145 mls of milk. She kept ALL of it down, both times. And she had no diarrhea. Amazing. For her fourth feed I just gave her 160 mls of milk, and she kept it all down, and for her fifth meal she is getting her usually 170 mls, some of which is a third of a mashed banana mixed in with her milk.

I am so glad I thought to try the banana pulverized into her milk. It hasn't clogged her pump yet going down, (although I let it run past a bit since the bag emptied and I cannot draw it back to the bag, oh well), and hopefully it will give her some more calories that will put some fat on her bones!

Since some of that volume was banana, though, I need to give her some extra milk later to make sure she gets all her regular milk.

I have had a couple people suggest to me that Ilse might be allergic to milk. I am going to have her tested for that and for a soy allergy. If milk allergies really do run in families, Ilse has the gene from both sides of her parentage. I, thankfully, have not evinced an allergy to my favorite go-to drink, and neither have the boys, but perhaps Ilse is different. Well, more different than she already is. :)

Along with the allergy testing, I am also going to ask her doctors about eosinophilic esophagitis. I read about that condition in our insurance policy... Wouldn't you know our policy would pay for a special formula for her if she had EoE? The symptoms are things that Ilse has! Vomiting, something that acts like reflux but doesn't respond to acid blockers, trouble swallowing, etc. Researchers think that EoE is related to allergies, which of course Ilse seems to have, and the biggest thing, viola, is that EoE is characterized by a high white blood cell count where the white loos cells congregate in the esophagus where they aren't supposed to be. I will at least ask about this condition, because it sure would be nice to be able to explain away some of Ilse's barfing with this manageable condition. And if Ilse were allergic to milk, putting her on a special formula could fix her congestion.

I will talk to the doctor about these issues when I take Ilse in tomorrow. I am thinking the doctor also might tell me to take Ilse to the ENT to schedule a tube surgery for her ears. Ilse is still yanking on her left ear, which makes me think that the antibiotic is possibly not working.

Please continue to pray for our sweet baby Ilse.

Also pray for the Bowers family, as they deal with some painful and confusing news regarding their newest baby.

There are so many people to pray for. Thankfully the Lord can handle all our needs at the same time.

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