Thursday, January 26, 2012

Brotherly Repartee

We were talking this afternoon about our evening plans, and when the boys heard we are going to Auntie Kimberly's to celebrate her birthday, Joey started in:

"I love to go to Auntie Kimberly's!"

Either Chris or I responded with something along the lines of how it is so fun to play with all the cousins.

Joey disagreed, saying, "I really just want to play with Abby."

That irked me minorly, because that is just so rude. So I took him to task sweetly....

"Joey, that isn't very kind. You need to be happy to play with Luke, Will, and Charlie, if they are there." And then, since we have to consider what the cousins want, too, I added, "And besides, maybe Abby wants to play with Chris."

Joey understood, but what I did not expect was Christopher's rapier wit coming loudly from the backseat.

Chris says, in sassy hearty agreement, "Yeah!!"

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