Monday, December 19, 2011

Ilse and the hospital

They did admit Ilse to the hospital when we came back Sunday morning with more bloody barf. Except now that they've tested it we know it isn't blood at all. That raises the very real question..... What is it?!? And why isn't Ilse barfing her nice regular huge milk barfs? She hasn't barfed any milk since Thursday. That would be nice if something weren't wrong.

In a few minutes the doctors will come in to discuss what they think the brown barf is and why she isn't barfing milk. They are also going to try to strong arm me into giving Ilse egg when I really think it is contributing to her congestion. Twice they have had to suck out her nose with a powerful sucker and both times the nurses have commented on how much snot there is and how thick it is. The poor child probably feels like she is trying to breathe through a gallon of stringy egg white.

She is still having diarrhea off and on. She isn't happy about being sick, but she is happy about having her mommy with her. And you know what? The best thing is that at this hospital, I can take Ilse out of the room. I guess I can take her anywhere inside the hospital. I am considering taking her on an excursion to the cafeteria. I have a very hard time leaving her here alone.... I did briefly last night to get stuff from the car, and when I came back in she looked terrified and looked at me accusingly with little tears. :( She doesn't deserve to be left alone, and I would rather starve than make her sad. I can either go while she is asleep or take her with me, and I think she would like the cafeteria.

The hospital offered me counseling, because, of course, anyone whose baby has a life long issue is in desperate need of guidance. I might just need to rail at somebody who won't get offended.... I am totally kidding. I told them I was fine, and we are. We just want to figure this out and go home. We aren't going to tolerate a long hospital stay this time around. Ilse likes her own bed and her daddy and her brothers.

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  1. So sorry to hear that your sweet Ilse has not been feeling well. No fun at all! I hope she gets to feeling better soon and that your family gets back to normal life quickly!

    Blessings, Grace


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